Body Cleanse to Lose Weight

Body Cleanse to Lose Weight


Cleanse diets promise to remove toxin and impurities from our body if we include certain supplements and foods in it. These diets only reduce calories that make weight loss inevitable. The idea is to clean up unprocessed food and less alcohol and sugar. We need to watch closely our calorie intake and move more. We may lose weight in short term but if we return to our old habits, it is likely to gain back all the weight we lost shortly. Some cleanses can help us start a long term weight loss program. It can help us focus on nutrient-dense food such as fruit, vegetables, grains and protein which supports the cleansing organs present within our body.

Here are some tips that we can use to cleanse our body to lose weight.

  1. Right food for a healthy diet

The best thing we can do to support body cleanse is to lighten its load and decrease the toxins we put in our body. The right food will give our liver a helping hand to keep us clean from the inside out. We need to support our body in doing what it does naturally. Do our best to eat some healthy foods each day. If we do that, a daily cleaning service for our body are given. There are many foods can naturally clean and detox our body every single day. Let’s see what foods can make our body healthy.

  1. Apple. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, an old adage, seems right back into play. The fiber pectin helps detox metals and food additives that have accumulated in our body.
  2. Asparagus. This is a natural diuretic that can help with liver drainage. It is also one the best stress-reducing food to prevent a hangover.
  3. Avocado. This contains glutathione which helps the liver detoxify synthetic chemical. Eat them for our breakfast toast and it can rid our body of the unwanted toxins.
  4. Spinach. This popular green vegetable has a heavy dose of glutathione which gives our body a much needed antioxidant boosts.
  • Exercises make it perfect

Exercise helps us maintain a healthy body, as well as medications. It helps us sweat which releases toxins through our skin. While meditations help us clear our mind and reduce stress which can be as toxic to our health as chemical. We can use light exercises to help with body cleanse. Here are some exercises that we can choose to do.

  1. Yoga. Many yoga poses are meant to give used muscles some needed love and to build strength in the smaller fibers.
  2. Meditation. This might be not only a physical workout but also a mental one. It gives our brain some much-needed exercise allowing us to tap into our breath and bod some necessary rejuvenating.
  • Foam Rolling. This can release the lymphatic fluid in our muscle acting as a magnet to pull the toxins out of the body. The connective tissue found woven throughout the entire body. It also releases tension in the tissue promoting health and vitality of the fascia.
  • A healthy diet can go a long way.

Many diets promote cleansing and detoxification such as an organic intermittent fasting diet but there are other options, though. A juice diet is helpful and is centered around consuming freshly-made fruit and vegetable juice.

  • Air to breath and water to drink.

Another way to reduce our exposure to toxins is breathing clean air. We can control the air in our home if we can’t control the whole environment. Having high-quality air purification device is the best way to keep our air fresh and toxin free. But if it is out of our budget, having a few house plants is the second thought to get air fresheners.

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