Best Probiotics For Weight Loss


Best Probiotics For Weight Loss


Most people often think of bacteria as being harmful to the body. Our digestive system also houses trillions of beneficial bacteria from different species although external bacteria can harm us if they enter our body. Without this we probably would not be able to survive. People are likely familiar with the benefits of probiotics for immune system function and digestive health. Probiotics can also help with weight loss and reducing belly fat.

Many people are struggling to maintain their weight and becoming victims of fad diets and weight loss pills just don’t work. But there are certain probiotics that can promote weight loss by inhibiting the absorption of dietary fat and increasing the level of hormones and proteins. So in this article we try to show which the best probiotics strains for weight loss are and which the best probiotic supplements for weight loss are.

Our digestive system is home to millions of both friendly and harmful organisms. Bacteroidetes and firmicutes are the two main types of good bacteria present in the gut. People having normal weight usually have many numbers of bacteroidetes compared to people suffering from obesity.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best probiotics for our needs. They are;

  • The more microorganisms they contain, the better
  • The wider the variety of strains, the better.
  • Our chosen probiotics should contain prebiotics.
  • Timed-release capsules are more effective.
  • Choose a probiotic that doesn’t need to be kept too cool if you can.

There are some strains good for weight loss such as Lactobacillus Rhamnonus (promote remarkable weight loss in women), Lactobacillus Gasseri (generate the most positive results on weight loss), and Akkermansia Muciniphila (has anti-inflammatory effects in humans that lead to positive loss results). However, there are also some probiotic supplements for weight loss. Here are some supplements that we can take.

  1. Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Fitbiotic Probiotic Supplement

This probiotic supplement is targeted towards weight management. They comes in powder form and each box contains 20 sachets. This supplement contains 14 different probiotic strains that have been studied for weight loss support. This supplement also supports digestive health and boosts the immune system.

  1. Bioganix Biopro-50 Ultimate Probiotic Supplement


This is the most potent probiotic supplement for weight management. The high level of live organisms per serving speeds up our metabolism and promotes weight loss. It also gives an energy boost which will help us to be more active. This includes 11 different probiotic strains. It also helps us to reduce cholesterol, stress and anxiety, improve liver health and provides protection against free radicals.

  1. MegaFood MegaFlora Plus


This is another high potency probiotic supplement that provides 50 billion active bacteria per serving. It has been developed from natural food growth media. This supplement includes 14 tested life enhancing bacterial strains which aids weight loss, boosts the immune system and supports digestive health.

There are more probiotic supplements that we can take and choose that contains the right strains and combine it with a healthy, whole-food based diet and daily physical activity.

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