Best Breakfast Shakes For Weight Loss



Smoothies could be our best-kept weight loss secrets. The blended beverages give us tons of nutrition as well as fiber and protein to help keep us full until our next meal. Whipping up a smoothie for breakfast can help us rev up our metabolism, so start our day with a healthy breakfast. Although no single perfect breakfast exists, choose a healthy meal we love and will eat on a regular basis. The ideal breakfast provides high-quality protein. A breakfast shake will fit the bill, especially if we make it ourselves at home, using fresh produce and other quality ingredients. Here are some smoothies that we can consider to take for our lovely sunny morning.

  1. Green Breakfast Blast


This green blast gives us a protein punch when it is needed most. It’s also hydrating which is the perfect combination when we’re in a rush.

  1. Papaya Ginger Blast


This is not only great for weight loss, but for troubled digestion, as well. It is rich in fiber and full of anti-inflammatory omega-3s. Feel the warm sun and cool breeze of the tropics and make it to wake you up.

  1. Sunrise Smoothie


Don’t let the high carb and sugar scare us off. We’ll be whisked away on a mini mental-vacation the second we sip this smoothie. Berries, an orange and banana are vitamin and fiber-rich produce that can keep us trim and healthy.

  1. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Shake


Enjoy the taste of this smoothie no matter what time of year it is. It may taste like dessert but it doesn’t have the same effects. Top our drink with a yogurt to take the protein count to the next level.

  1. Coffee Banana Protein Smoothie


Yogurt, bananas and coffee are delicious breakfast that join together to provide energy-boosting protein smoothie. The mix of sugar, caffeine and protein is ideal after morning workout. Need a bit more protein? We can add a bit more yogurt or milk.

  1. Raw Chocolate Smoothie


Raw chocolate is packed with powerful antioxidants and boasts a high amount of fiber. It is paired with a portioned amount of honey, sweet and indulgent. And it’s different from supermarket chocolate.

  1. Raw Banana Bread Shakes


When we pick this smoothie, we’ll get the comforting flavor, yet warm without any of the butter or flour. Plus, healthy omega-3s, protein and fiber in walnuts to keep us satisfied.

  1. Carrot Cake Smoothie


Polyunsaturated fatty acids in carrot may increase diet-induced calorie burn and metabolic rate. This smoothie is rich in healthy fats. One cup of this provides a day’s worth of vitamin A.

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