It’s the pure proper of each human being to be pleased to flee all of the miseries of life. Happiness is the traditional situation, as pure because the landscapes and the seasons. It’s unnatural to undergo and it’s only due to our ignorance that we do undergo. Happiness is the product of knowledge. To achieve good knowledge, to understand totally the aim of life, to understand fully the connection of human beings to one another, is to place an finish to all struggling, to flee each unwell and evil that afflicts us. Good knowledge is unshadowed pleasure.

Why will we undergo in life? As a result of within the scheme of nature we’re being pressured ahead in evolution and we lack the religious illumination that alone can mild the way in which and allow us to maneuver safely among the many obstacles that lie earlier than us. Often we don’t even see or suspect the presence of hassle till it out of the blue leaps upon us like a hid tiger. Sooner or later our household circle is full and pleased. Every week later loss of life has come and gone and pleasure is changed with agony. Immediately we’ve a pal. Tomorrow he can be an enemy and we have no idea why. A short time in the past we had wealth and all materials luxuries. There was a sudden change and now we’ve solely poverty and distress and but we search in useless for a motive why this must be. There was a time once we had well being and energy; however they’ve each departed and no hint of a motive seems. Other than these higher tragedies of life innumerable issues of lesser consequence frequently carry to us little miseries and minor heartaches. We most earnestly want to keep away from them however we by no means see them till they strike us, till within the darkness of our ignorance we blunder upon them. The factor we lack is the religious illumination that may allow us to look far and broad, discovering the hidden causes of human struggling and revealing the tactic by which they could be prevented; and if we will however attain illumination the evolutionary journey could be made each comfortably and swiftly. It’s as if we should go via an extended, darkish room crammed with furnishings promiscuously scattered about. Within the darkness our progress could be gradual and painful and our bruises many. But when we might press a button that might activate the electrical mild we might then make the identical journey shortly and with good security and luxury.

The previous technique of training was to retailer the thoughts with as many details, or supposed details, as could possibly be amassed and to offer a sure exterior polish to the persona. The idea was that when a person was born he was a accomplished human being and that every one that could possibly be completed for him was to load him up with info that might be used with kind of ability, in accordance with the native capacity he occurred to be born with. The theosophical concept is that the bodily man, and all that constitutes his life within the bodily world, is however a really partial expression of the self; that within the ego of every there may be virtually limitless energy and knowledge; that these could also be introduced via into expression within the bodily world because the bodily physique and its invisible counterparts, which collectively represent the complicated automobile of the ego’s manifestation, are advanced and tailored to the aim; and that in actual proportion that aware effort is given to such self-development will religious illumination be achieved and knowledge attained. Thus the sunshine that results in happiness is kindled from inside and the evolutionary journey that every one are making could also be robbed of its struggling.

Why does loss of life carry distress? Mainly as a result of it separates us from these we love. The one different motive why loss of life brings grief or worry is as a result of we don’t perceive it and comprehend the half it performs in human evolution. However the second our ignorance offers method to comprehension such worry vanishes and a serene happiness takes its place.

Why do we’ve enemies from whose phrases or acts we undergo? As a result of in our restricted bodily consciousness we don’t understand the unity of all life and understand that our mistaken pondering and doing should react upon us via different individuals a state of affairs from which there isn’t a doable escape besides via ceasing to assume evil after which patiently awaiting the time when the causes we’ve already generated are totally exhausted. When religious illumination comes, and we now not stumble within the evening of ignorance, the final enemy will disappear and we will make no extra ceaselessly.

Why do individuals undergo from poverty and illness? Solely due to our blundering ignorance that makes their existence doable for us, and since we don’t comprehend their which means and their classes, nor know the perspective to imagine towards them. Had we however the knowledge to know why they arrive to individuals, why they’re crucial components of their evolution, they might hassle us now not. When nature’s lesson is totally discovered these mute lecturers will vanish.

And so it’s with all types of struggling we expertise. They’re directly reactions from our ignorant blunderings and instructors that time out the higher method. When we’ve comprehended the teachings they educate they’re now not crucial and disappear. It’s not by the outward acquirement of details that males turn out to be clever and nice. It’s by creating the soul from inside till it illuminates the mind with that flood of sunshine referred to as genius.

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