Formula For Colic Babies


     A new role as a parent or new spouse may have made a variety of preparations to welcome the baby from long ago, as it requires a great adjustment to his new role. Many parents, especially new babies, are worried about the presence of a baby that is not only draining and emotionally charged.

     The formula for colic babies is very to be learned and understood because this is very fast occurring at the time of birth of the baby. Colic is a state Where in the state of the baby at the age of 3 weeks he started crying and screaming so parents are confused to cope with the baby to be calm. Usually, the crying can last for hours and occurs on every day and the same time. This condition is usually in a moderate state of colic this cause is very varied, from the immature digestive system and also can be caused by the immature nervous system. As for other things caused Gas stuck in the stomach or intestines. It is produced when certain foods or formulas are not digested properly or it could be a result of swallowing the air or this often happens when the baby is inefficiently feeding or swallowing the air as he weeps. Changes in the formula assume that the problem is food/formula. Usually, About three months or four months will slowly disappear.

If the baby is really in the phenomenon is something parents can Formula for colic babies:

  1. Asi / feeding management

That is to schedule the hour of feeding / eating regularly

  1. Choose a suitable milk for the baby

Some researchers point out that changing the intake of eating can reduce colic

  1. Breastfeed the baby after suckling

too much swallowing can cause gas trapped in the intestine so it is recommended that the baby burp

  1. Create a quiet environment

     Selection of room temperature so that baby is not frost and cold so baby can rest well and feel safe and comfortable. Clearly, avoid giving solids to infants before 6 months is effective.

Formula For Colic Babies

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