Baby's First Birthday Gift
Baby's First Birthday Gift

Baby’s First Birthday Gift


The happy thing for every parent is to see the growth of the baby. How happy the baby right on his birthday usually parents celebrate birthday. but for the birthday of the 1-year-old baby certainly not too suitable to be celebrated, because the baby has not so understand and comfortable with things like that. with the baby’s first birthday gift more suitable to be given to adjust the baby’s development.

Observing the baby’s fondness can make the idea part of the baby’s first birthday gift. but, when a parent buys a birthday gift the baby should pay attention to the material used safely for the baby. Safe  to use traces will usually have a non-toxic label.

Some  examples of baby’s first birthday gift:

  1. Baby walker is a useful tool to stimulate the baby to walk, with a stable balance model the babies very happy to be free joggers like wind,
  2. Piano is a musical instrument that can stimulate the baby for brain development of children and the results of these sounds can make the baby happy. block or beam is a toy that can stimulate motor skills, train logic and arrange the blocks according to the desire will also add children creativity.
  3. Eating utensils, usually a 1-year-old child to eat is still fed, but if another case of cutlery into a baby’s first birthday gift is in order to teach the baby to eat alone.
  4. Puzzle is a fractional toy that can adjust the size and shape intact usually in combination with images – pictures that can also introduce the child, choose a picture by adjusting the baby’s favorite it can stimulate interest.
  5. Shoes are the baby’s first birthday gift that is suitable to be given, because at that age the child is learning to walk to walk safely.
  6. Baby clothes are the most tight on everyday life. Wearing baby clothes according to the color and shape of the baby’s favorite can add the baby’s first birthday gift idea.
  7. Personalized baby book may can be other alternative baby’s first birthday gift. Personalized baby book can be memorable thing because we can add precious moment of the baby growth on this book.


Baby's First Birthday Gift

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