Baby Neck Rash Treatment


     The skin of your infant is supple, smooth and tender. It is important to take meticulous care of your infant’s skin since it is vulnerable to rashes, especially in the folds of the thigh, elbow and neck regions. Of all the kinds, rashes in the neck area are the most common. I this article I will guide you how to do baby neck rash treatment.

    Neck rashes are most common among infants around four to five months. The reasons for infant neck rash range from prickly heat to skin infections like those caused by fungus. Baby neck rash treatment is really need to do when baby has a red, flat or raised rash, which appears on the neck especially around the neck folds. Baby neck rash treatment have to do immediately as those symptoms happen.

Things to do for baby neck rash treatment are;

  1. Keep your baby’s skin clean and dry. And don’t rub.
  2. Better to cahange wet clothes immediately, and use a bib as needed.
  3. Use a thin layer of barrier cream to treat existing drool rash.
  4. Consult your pediatrician if the rash isn’t getting better.

    There are several thing causes baby neck rash. Better we know what the cause so that we can avoid them to happen. There are many factors responsible for causing a skin rash on your baby’s neck. Here are a few common causes of neck rash in babies;

  1. Stork Bites:These are small pink spots that appear on the neck since the time of birth. Actually these are not rashes but blood vessels that are collected in one region of the skin’s dermal layer. These spots vanish without any treatment within a few months after birth.
  2. Prickly Heat:The one of common type of skin rash that occurs during the summer season on the neck and other regions of the body. The extreme dry heat of summer irritates your child’s tender skin. These rashes appear as tiny red itchy skin bumps. This condition is also known as heat rash.
  3. Skin Irritation:Newborns experience neck rash in the first few months. This primarily occurs because their neck region is plump and chubby. This results in the formation of skin folds that constantly rub against each other. Constant friction and excess moisture are the main causative agents of neck rash in babies. This rash keeps recurring in babies till they learn to lift their head without any support (which may take few months).
  4. Infection of Fungus:This infection are frequently seen in infants and babies. Excess moisture and perspiration in the baby’s neck skin fold become a thriving ground for Candida.

     Additionally, as their main nutritional supply is breastmilk, babies tend to spill excess milk. This further makes the chest and neck region moist and susceptible to neck rash. Clean this up quickly and keep your baby skin dry but remember don’t rub.

Baby Neck Rash Treatment

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